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5 Unusual Signs Your Partner Is A Keeper

In my opinion, relationships are one of the most interesting aspects of the human experience. When they are going well, they have the ability to take us to the highest of highs, consuming the vast majority of our thought processing as we consistently long to spend more time with this other person. And when they aren’t, they can take us to the lowest of lows, filling us with a cocktail of negative emotions we previously never thought possible.

If you’re currently in a relationship, chances are you clicked on this article because you’re either having some doubts or you’re a sappy romantic looking for some verification of the special thing you know that you’ve found. And if you’re single, chances are you’ve realized that them being physically attractive or having one common interest with you hasn’t proven to be enough to make them worth your time and you don’t feel like wasting anymore.

So here are my 5 unusual signs to look out for when identifying whether or not you’re in a relationship worth keeping in hopes of doing my part to finally get that divorce rate below 50%:

1. The Past Is Kept In The Past

We all have shady dating histories. Even if we haven’t been in a serious relationship to date, chances are that our self-consciousness has at least led us to falling for someone we knew was unhealthy for us. One of the best unusual signs that you may have found yourself a keeper is if they’ve learned from their past dating experiences, but keep them where they belong… in the past. Two people learning to co-exist is tricky enough, the last thing either of you need is the ghost of a girlfriend or boyfriend past consistently lingering as baggage on either of your backs.

2. You Celebrate Rather Than Compare Accomplishments

Whether or not you consider yourself an accomplished individual, we all achieve and fail to achieve things over the course of our lives. While some level of comparison may seem quite natural, it typically isn’t very healthy to have it with the person you hope to spend the rest of your life with. Therefore, an unusual positive sign to look out for is someone who genuinely roots for you, and that you in turn also genuinely want the best for.

3. They Accept Your Attraction To Others

While physical attraction is certainly important to some degree, it is undoubtedly blown out of proportion by pop culture. But rather than preaching on how true beauty comes from within, I’d rather address the reality that no matter how attractive you and your partner find each other, you will always also find other people attractive. And one unusual sign of a keeper is if they aren’t threatened by that. Of course that all gets thrown out the window if you actually act upon that attraction, but assuming that it remains strictly visual a real keeper should know that what you have overpowers even the hottest of the hot.

4. Respect Your Personal Space

We all know those couples that are seemingly attached at the hip. And while that can genuinely work for some, the vast majority of us I believe will always need our personal space. And one thing to look out for is someone who is comfortable taking their own and giving yours to you. It’s in our personal space that we not only allow ourselves to engage with the interests or passions we don’t mutually share with our partner, but that we also come to better appreciate the time we do spend with them after some time apart.

5. You Talk to Each Other About The Bigger Things In Life

While your mother or big sister may always know what to say when the going gets tough, one unusual sign of a keeper is if you both genuinely feel comfortable opening up to each other about the bigger things in life. Whether it’s an issue at work, a mental health challenge, or something that concerns you about the relationship, we need to be able to turn to the person we spend the most time with. Even if they don’t always know what to say, or their advice sucks by comparison to what your bestie has to offer, the ability to be open is fundamental to a happy relationship.


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