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Anxiety was once a very real part of my daily life.

In fact, at one point I actually found myself caught in a severe anxiety attack for 10 straight days, where I barely slept, ate, and was fully convinced that I would be stuck living in that state, or in fear of the next time it struck, for the rest of my life.

But I refused to accept that as my reality, so I spent months seeking out countless books, practitioners, seminars, and techniques to find the solutions that worked.

This course is a compilation of those solutions to give all of you the same freedom that I am now so grateful to have. 

The Anxiety Toolbox includes:

  • 4+ Hours of Instructional Video

  • 23 Downloadable Resources

  • Lifetime Access to Learn at Your Pace

  • Fully Accessible on Phone, Computer, TV

  • Access to Ask Me Direct Questions


The price for this course varies from as low as $10 to as much as $80 on Udemy depending on the sale they are or aren't running at the time. If you're not seeing the $10 USD price point available to you, CLICK HERE to send me an email and I'll happily get you a temporary code to access it at that price.


"I love how the course teaches you about creating an environment where anxiety can’t thrive. It isn’t a quick fix, it actually gets to the root of things and gives brilliant tools and techniques that take away the fuel that allows anxiety to exist. If you want to stop letting anxiety take control of your life, you’ve got to know about these tools!"


"Immediately during and after watching The Hack Anxiety Toolbox, I felt more positive and connected in not only being able to control my own anxiety; but my entire well-being and life as a whole... Mark provides hands-on experience to allow you to apply and accommodate his advice to your own customized situation. Because he has attempted these remedies himself, he offers a completely authentic and trustworthy approach to not only verify these practices are helpful but also relatable to each and every person in some way."


"Mark DeNicola's program has helped me so much with my anxiety and panic attacks. The program has helped me to break my anxieties down and really reflect on how to change the situations and let them go. I feel that everything is possible now, and have the amazing and helpful tools to work with anxiety when/if it comes my way. I highly recommend this program to everyone struggling with any type of anxiety/stresses. Thank You Mark from the bottom of my heart and soul!"

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