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The Criticism Trap: 4 Reasons to Cut Back on Criticism Starting Now

Whether or not we're willing to admit it, we all love to criticize. We criticize our co-worker's work ethic, our friend's taste in women, and even that random stranger's outfit choice.

For most of us, criticism is a regular part of our daily life. We may not always make it public, but we do love to when we can, and that tends to be when it can either be classified as "constructive" or especially when it can seemingly be done behind someone's back.

But is criticism really that healthy to engage with so regularly? Here are 4 reasons I believe we all need to start cutting back on criticism today, except for the kind that actually is genuinely constructive.

1. It Leads to Resentment

It may not seem like it at first, but 9 times out of 10, criticism of anyone you know or see on a regular basis soon turns into resentment towards that person. You begin by criticizing their people skills for example, and before you know it you begin blaming them for a whole set of issues relating to that.

Remember that they are a human being just like you, and have their own unique set of challenges and experiences that have made them into who they are. We all have areas in life that we struggle with, and you emphasizing or poking fun at one of theirs isn't going to do anyone any good.

2. It Comes Back Around to Bite You in the Ass

Like I said off the top, we all love to criticize, so of course you too are undoubtedly being criticized by others regularly. Rather than continuing to contribute to this unhealthy human habit we seem to have adapted, choose to take the high road by not participating.

Believe it or not, the less you criticize others the less you invite criticism towards yourself. It's often the people you confide in with your criticisms that are the most inclined to criticize you after you've left. And the more you dole it out, the more you are literally asking for it to come back and hit you hard.

3. It Draws Attention Away From Your Own Issues

We all have things to work on, and the more we decide to spend our time focused on identifying faults in others, the less time we spend improving ourselves.

Choose to dedicate the bulk of your free time to personal development and you'll likely create a life so satisfying that you won't even feel inclined to criticize much.

4. It Takes Character to Not Do

Want a true test of character? Cut criticizing out of your life and replace it with empathy and understanding. It'll not only make you stand out of the crowd in a good way, but will make you easier to connect with and more enjoyable to be around.

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