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10 Things We Should All Say More Often

There are over one million words in the English language, carrying their own unique meanings and nuances which, when combined in the right ways, can make magic happen.

Whether they be just one single word or a short phrase, each of these ten things can help both you and your relationships in a number of ways.

1. Nothing

Sometimes the best possible thing to say is nothing at all. Particularly in dating scenarios, the idea of saying nothing is heavily scrutinized, when in reality the ability to be with one another in silence can be quite profound and important. Before reacting, take a moment and identify whether what you are about to say is actually worth saying or if it's unnecessary and likely to lead to drama, hurt feelings, or anything else along those lines.

2. Quote Lines From Movies

We could all use a little bit more fun in our lives, and an easy way to inject some fun into a conversation is to quote popular movie lines. If you aren't a movie buff simply replace this with anything else that you find fun, the whole idea is to get us to regularly stop taking things so seriously -at least for a little part of every day.

3. I Understand/Feel Where You Are Coming From

No matter what the subject of conversation happens to be, we are bound to occasionally come across an individual that holds a different opinion. Rather than seeing this as an opportunity to get fired up and argue, look to understand where they are coming from. You can still have a constructive conversation/debate, but a key element to doing this effectively is to approach it with respect rather than anger. Take the time to actually listen to why a person has arrived at an opinion or feeling.

4. My Bad

It takes a lot to actually admit that you are at fault for something that happened. So rather than always looking for some external factor to blame in the equation, speak the truth and own up for what you are responsible for.

5. I'll Just Have A Water

In a world where alcohol is praised as a necessary ingredient for fun, the idea of a person choosing to have a water is usually paired with the label of "buzzkill" pretty quickly. Rather than letting popular opinion dictate your decisions, don't be afraid to make the healthier choice. I don't mean to say that you should never consume alcohol, but you should also feel empowered enough to choose otherwise when you want to.

6. I Appreciate You/ Thank You

This one should be relatively self-explanatory, but remember that gratitude goes a long way and can do a lot for the person on the receiving end. We all regularly receive things (both big and small) that we should be grateful for, so why not express that gratitude a little more often?

7. I Believe In You

Along the same lines of gratitude comes encouragement, the kind gesture that appears far less often than its nemesis: ridicule. Whether you fully grasp what another individual is striving for or not, don't be afraid to give them some encouragement along the way - especially if it involves something that they are passionate about.

8. This Is For You

Many of us love to give around the holiday season, yet we fail to remember that there are people in need all throughout the year. The act of giving comes in all shapes and sizes, it could be as simple as picking up lunch for a friend or as inexpensive as giving some time to a worthy cause.

9. You Can Learn From This

We've all heard the cliche saying (or Kelly Clarkson song) that says what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. As much as this can be hard to believe at times, it definitely is true, and it's often easier as an outsider to see the value that a challenging experience can have for another. If someone you are close to is going through a tough time, be that comforting shoulder that reminds them of the bigger picture value to what they are going through.

10. Hi

We live in a world where the majority of us are lost in our phones. Rather than contributing to this sad fact, look to connect with other people with something as simple as saying hi. You may come across some awkward moments and uncomfortable reactions while doing this, but you may also be pleasantly surprised by how much this can brighten the day of some people - and your own in the process.

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