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3 Clear Signs You're Sabotaging Your Own Happiness

For most, if not all of us, life is inherently challenging enough.

Yet, many of us seem to love making things even more complicated by taking it upon ourselves to sabotage our own happiness.

We have plenty to be grateful for, we've learned so much from everything that we've experienced, and we still have so much ahead of us, yet we choose to dwell on that which seemingly did not and currently isn't going according to plan.

If you're not sure as to whether or not you are proficient at making your life seem worse than it actually is, here are 3 clear signs that you're sabotaging your own happiness in both video and written form:

1. No One or No Thing is Good Enough For You

Do you love to set expectations for pretty well everything in life? While in some cases the setting of expectations can be both beneficial and quite motivating, there are far more circumstances where they create a measuring stick that can never be matched.

In these scenarios, pretty well everything that actually transpires, even if it aligns with 80% of what you had hoped for, still seems inferior since you choose to fixate yourself on the 20% it is lacking, rather than appreciating all that it does effectively offer.

The movie 500 Days of Summer portrays this form of self-sabotage perfectly in this particular scene, which I encourage you all to watch whether you've seen the film before or not.

I'm not suggesting that you shut off or police the creative aspect to your mind that helps to concoct these expectations, but that you instead always choose to look at everyone and every thing fully, where even their strengths are given equal weight.

2. Deep Down You're Afraid of Success

This may sound like complete nonsense, but you'd be surprised by how many of us (even the most goal driven among us) are actually afraid of succeeding. We may not fear the joys, riches, opportunities, and other pleasantries that often come with success, but we do fear a number of the other elements that tend to come along with it.

Aspects such as a change in responsibility, the pressure to maintain it, and an increased work load are just three of the more common reasons we don't actually give all of our energy to making certain goals come into fruition.

I'm a firm believer that if at some level you don't actually want something to come into play, you don't give off the energetic level of intent necessary to make it become a reality.

3. You're Addicted to Complaining & What It Provides

We all have a proficient complainer or two in our life, and if, when you're honest with yourself, you know yourself to be one of them, chances are you are letting it sabotage your happiness.

The most necessary ingredient to an effective complaint is to be unsatisfied, and if you allow yourself to become genuinely happy with life, you, of course, will have nothing to complain about.

True happiness certainly sounds more appealing than the opportunity to complain, but it's something that many of us still elect not to choose because we've grown accustomed to the sympathy and attention that we get from others when we do whine about this, that, or the other thing.

Keep in mind that while you may get attention from others when you do complain, the quality of it is likely quite poor. How often do you actually enjoy listening to someone complain? And how genuine is your sympathy for them when it's your time to respond?


How many of these ring true to you? For a new video and article like this weekly be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and to like me on Facebook to be a part of my mission to make personal development more interesting for both of us!

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