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The 7 Life Lessons I'll Never Forget (So Far)

I've always believed that everything that happens in life is a learning experience. Whether it be the first hand experience itself, the emotions that it elicits, or a combination of them both, everything really does offer us something to expand from.

Being of that school of thought, there are countless life lessons that I've come across, all of which I am incredibly grateful for. But from that seemingly endless collection there are several that stand out from the pile that I would like to share with you.

Perhaps you too have already learned them, but here's to hoping at least one of them is new material to you that saves you the time of having to go through learning it yourself.

1. Being "Comfortable" Eventually Becomes Uncomfortable

One of the key ingredients to the "American Dream" is stability, and for good reason. But it seems as though far too many of us have turned that desire for stability into an excuse for complacency. Are you really "comfortable" in your job or your relationship, or are just afraid of what life would be like without them? I'm not suggesting we all jump ship on either, since amazing long-term jobs and life-long partners do exist, but if you're ignoring the signs out of fear, things are only going to become more and more uncomfortable.

2. Your Future Partner Is Not Your Previous Partner

We've all heard at least one person in our life proclaim how they always seem to attract and date the same type of person. Even though that may be the case at some level, the bottom line is we are all unique in this world, and your past relationship is only going to play as big of a role in all future relationships as you let it. Just because you've been cheated on before, or you've been used by your ex, doesn't mean that everyone else is bound to do the same. Be grateful for what you learned from your past relationships, and use that to nurture new ones rather than let them plague it.

3. Set Boundaries

We're not all people pleasers, but there certainly is a lot pressure to become one in this world filled with way more takers than givers. If you don't set your boundaries and learn how to comfortably say no, you're going to become a doormat to a number of "stronger" characters in your life.

4. If You Don't Invest In Yourself, No One Else Ever Will

We are all a work in progress with a number of areas of our life that could use some improvement. If you don't see value in investing in improving those areas and your overall well-being, you're going to have a tough time ever convincing anyone else that you are worth buying from, employing or investing in.

5. Commit Time To The Relationships You Value In Life

Whether it be the relationship you have with a family member, friend, or partner, if you truly love having that person in your life, make sure you give ample time and energy to it. I've lost far too many incredible friendships in life because I took them for granted. It's amazing how far an occasional nice gesture, some quality time, and being a good listener can go in keeping that relationship healthy.

6. You Choose How You See Life

Whether life has done nothing but throw you shitty challenges as of late, or it has been a proverbial field of roses, it is your reaction to it that determines how much it impacts your life. There are always people in this world who have things better than and worse than you currently do, focus on your attitude towards your current circumstance and things will change for the better quickly.

7. Stop Making Everything So Serious

You're alive, you're here, and you're never going to be as young as you are right now. Don't forget to lighten up and regularly make time for the things that make you the happiest in life.

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