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Simple Exercise To Naturally Drain Your Lymph System, Boost Immune Function & Remove Toxins

Since its release in July of this year, the powerful documentary Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru has touched the lives of many and has reinvigorated much of the world's interest in one of the world's most infamous life and business coaches, Tony Robbins.

There are few that Tony isn't a familiar face to, but since hitting Netflix, this documentary seems to have reaffirmed his preeminence in the self-improvement world. Since its release I have been astonished by the number of people from all walks of life who have spoken to me about how much they loved the film.

More surprising still, almost all of them have mentioned one unexpected takeaway amidst the dozens of powerful teachings that the documentary offers: the need to get a rebounder/mini trampoline.

What's amazing is that a rebounder is never even directly addressed in the film; Tony is simply featured on one at several points in the film. To him, the rebounder is one of many tools he always uses to prepare himself for a seminar or live event.

Having been using one daily for some time now, I was curious to look into its "power" and share with all of you some of the many benefits incorporating one into your life can offer.

1. Boosts Your Immune Function

A rebounder drastically boosts your immune function through its ability to encourage lymphatic drainage. For those who don't know, the lymphatic system is responsible for transporting a fluid (called lymph) that flushes toxins from your body. Many consider it the first line of defence in combating illness and disease.

2. The Best Exercise?

According to NASA, bouncing on a rebounder is "the most efficient, effective form of exercise yet devised by man." The reasoning? It is believed to be the only form of exercise capable of strengthening, toning, and detoxifying every cell in your body.

The same NASA study also revealed that it is far less strenuous on your feet, ankles, knees, and other joints than the much-loved and overused treadmill.

3. Improves Digestion

By encouraging lymphatic drainage, a rebounder also greatly impacts your body's digestive system. Rebounding has been found to regulate internal muscle movement, helping with digestion and improving waste elimination.

4. Strengthens Your Skeletal System

It has long been known that weight bearing exercises increase bone mass. Rebounding is believed to be especially effective at this since it increases the weight supported by the skeletal system through the G-force of jumping.

5. Increases Energy by Better Circulating Oxygen Throughout Body

This is seemingly the benefit that motivates Tony Robbins' use of a rebounder the most, as he consistently turns to it immediately prior to events that require high energy levels for an extended period of time. I personally love to start my days with some time on a rebounder in hopes of awakening that same energy for everything the day brings my way.


In addition to these amazing benefits, what makes rebounders even more incredible is how affordable they are, especially in comparison to other workout devices. They can be found on Amazon for well under $100, with the one I purchased, the Stamina 36-Inch Folding Trampoline, being substantially less.

As with anything health, exercise, or diet related, I always suggest that you check in with a trusted professional to see whether or not it is appropriate for you. If you receive the green light, get going on a rebounder as soon as possible to start harnessing its many benefits.




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