October 4, 2016

Since its release in July of this year, the powerful documentary Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru has touched the lives of many and has reinvigorated much of the world's interest in one of the world's most infamous life and business coaches, Tony Robbins.

There are few that Tony isn't a familiar face to, but since hitting Netflix, this document...

February 13, 2016

We all know how hectic life can be. From work, to school, to family obligations, most of us have become acclimatized to a chaotic life.

I am of no exception to this, as I have often found myself struggling with the demands of day-to-day existence, usually at the expense of my own well-being. Not wanting to perpetuate this lifestyle any further, I re...

December 22, 2015

Life is full of choices. No matter where you live or what you do on the daily, we are all consistently faced with a number of decisions, most of which we make either unconsciously or very quickly out of habit.

While I'm all for efficiency, especially if it's rooted in following your intuition, I have some concerns — largely based in my own experienc...

April 19, 2015

Most of us know through experience how much stress can impact our daily life. It drains us of our energy, consumes our thoughts, and affects how well we sleep. And that's just a few of the most common symptoms.

In the hopes of living a healthy life, many of us depend on one tool - working out - and it's no secret that committing to a workout routine...

October 9, 2014

There are few things that most of us in this world seek and value more than health and happiness. In an attempt to attain health, we go through diet after diet, workout routine after workout routine trying to figure out what works best for us -and in many cases will keep us interested long enough to attain results. To find happiness we look externa...

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